How to connect same entries on different locales

I’m using strapi v4.20 and strapi/i18n-plugin for localization, have a collection type articles on 2 locales
I create a new entry and save my updates then change localer, the url have the connection bettwen them via id and send the id with the post request but the localizations array comes back empty in the response
can someone pls help me?

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<@1072591948499664996> <@789522672098607115> <@632956853122236457> sorry to spam you but I’m stuck with this weird situation and it’s causuing me a big blocker at my work

Let me check the knowledge base for you. One moment! :books:

I’m here to help! However, I need more specific details about the issue you’re facing with Strapi. Could you please describe the problem in more detail? This will allow me to provide a more accurate and helpful response.

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my issue is the strapi connection between different locales is not working for me