How to contribute to strapi - Unable to see changes made to the Admin package

Hello there, I am having a little trouble trying to contribute to strapi.
I see that we already have an issue regarding the mistake in the contribution guide: Contribution documentation is misleading · Issue #19349 · strapi/strapi · GitHub

but I am having trouble to run the project in a way that I change the admin dashboard and see the changes. Does anyone contributing to strapi can share how they run the project locally? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance for the attention

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We are currently in a contribution freeze until Strapi 5 is released. With that being said we know that the contribution guide needs to be updated and something we plan on doing after v5 release.

Thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face: I read that in the forum as well some days ago, but even in a code freeze it would be valuable to have the updated the contribution guide.

For example, in my case I would like to solve an issue in Strapi immediately, I will probably patch it in the end until strapi v5. But it would be very helpful to run strapi locally and do the changes on the strapi code base, test it and then just copy the changes to a patch I will apply in the strapi I am running in production.

I guess the contribution guide needs a big update so it is nothing simple that you could share it here. But if possible it would be awesome if anyone could share how they are running the code base of strapi locally, or at least give any hints.

So that we can update the code easily even if it is only our local code and new PR will not be considered. Also because as far as I know Strapi v5 will take a few months from now, instead of a few days or weeks.

Any tips you can share for this situation <@960590891200970812> ? I appreciate the attention so far :)!