How to Create a Simple Strapi Plugin

Strapi plugins exist to make our work easier and our backend more functional. Plugins are convenient, and you can get them from the Strapi marketplace but sometimes, you will need some custom functions for your Strapi backend. Hence, we are going to learn how to make our own custom plugins. We will be making a simple reminder app that will send an email whenever you add a reminder. Let’s get started.

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About this tutorial, I have tried and for the UI part that if following the example, modal and editModal is not found, is there any example for these 2 components?

Thanks in advance.

A note to anyone trying this tutorial.
There is a bug in the generator when generating content-type to plugin folder for the schema.json and updating the index.js. It will not update the content-type folder’s index.js and not creating any content-type’s index.js for export.
Refer: Add a content-type to a plugin - How to create a Strapi v4 plugin