How to create an e-commerce schema in Strapi?

It’s my first time using the strap. I need an e-commerce admin panel, but I don’t know relations, etc. because I don’t have good enough database knowledge. I need categories and subcategories, products, basket, orders, and ratings (comments).

Hello @AtakishiAliyev and welcome to Strapi community,

I’m a fellow rookie Strapi user myself and I would suggest you to start by getting familiar with Strapi documentation.

After that take some time to note what fields you want for each of your collection types. E.g. categories should have a name, description (maybe) and an icon (maybe). Products should have name, description (maybe), image (maybe), price and a relation with categories which can be either has one or has many.

has-one → One product has only one category.
has-many → One product has many categories.

Database knowledge will come in handy but is not a requirement to get started, and surely not required if you are just making this project to learn.

Furthermore, there are also ecommerce engines like MedusaJS (Open source), Swell (commercial) and Shopify (commercial), even if you don’t want to use them, you can see how they implement things like categories, products, cart etc

Finally, if you are not a developer or with little experience, and you want something fast and reliable, you can use the good old Wordpress with WooCommerce and some template for frontend.