How to create your own plugin on strapi (1/4)

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Pouya Miralayi, a member of the Strapi community who volunteered to write a tutorial on how to create your own plugin on Strapi. I'll let him explain what you'll learn today

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I am using Strapi 3.6.0; create plugin fron scratch it looks fine but there is some permission issue;
I got error Method Not Allowed in console its print debug POST /import-export-content/pre-analyze (54 ms) 405.
Please let me know if any solution fot this plugin.

I am using v4 but the whole folder system and how plugins are created have changed. So, can you please provide a revised version or package or some workaround to implement this in v4 or later.

Update for v4 would be appreciated

But we are asking for an updated tutorial on how to do plugins for Strapi v4.

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Then you should continue to ask :wink: