How to customize the menu icon for a plugin?

I am building a plugin for the admin interface and would like to replace the “plug” icon in the navigation with something more relevant. Is there a list somewhere of other options or documentation on how to use my own image?

Many thanks in advance.

You can see to my test strapi git:

It sets the menu in 3 locations

Thanks for that! Followup question: I see where you’ve set “cat” and “paw” as the menu icons in admin/src/index.js, but I’m not sure what those reference. Is there a standard icon set shipped with strapi that we can choose from?

The logo is set in the main plugin object: Local plugins - Strapi Developer Documentation

For example:

We generally recommend a SVG so that in the future if we (or someone does some customization) to change theming and styles the SVG color can be automatically updated.

At this time Strapi uses fontawesome
Each fontawesome icon has a name.
For example cat:

You can select fontawesome icon and place its name to correspond field