How to debug 401 w/API Token

Hi, using v4.11.7 and getting [2024-05-21 11:16:46.456] http: PUT /content-manager/single-types/ (3 ms) 401 and the following as network response { "data": null, "error": { "status": 401, "name": "UnauthorizedError", "message": "Missing or invalid credentials", "details": {} } } it was working fine when I stuck my JWT token in place of what i now have as a full access, unlimited, api token.

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Can you not just use an API token in a bearer header, or do you need to auth as a user _ as well_?

Ive noticed, I am submitting requests to URL’s like "/content-manager/single-types/", - which i just ripped from saving via the strapi webui, and then stole the request in my network tab - will this still work with an api token, or is that why its failing?

You can’t use this routes without admin token

API token will not work since this is not an /api route

That makes sense, thought I was saving time by just stealing the route from my network tab haha

Only a small change though thanks!