How to deploy strapi to cPanel

System Information
  • 4.1.9:
  • Windows:
  • Sql lite (default):
  • v14.17.6:
  • 8.5.0:

I created a Strapi app with “npx create-strapi-app@latest my-project --quickstart” command.
I did some testing with it, added some data, and made some routes to my backend which worked with it.

Now I would like to test deploy it to cPanel to make sure that I won’t run into any issues later when I have built more stuff depending on it and I have a few questions about that.

In cPanel I’m hosting a Node app from which I serve a React app to users and I intend to use Strapi so that my Node backend communicates with it when requests are done from the frontend.

Should my Strapi app exist outside of my main application, with its own directory and own cPanel Node application?

How can I run the built Strapi app?
I know that I can build it and I have done so but I don’t understand how I will run the built files and not the other files which I used for development?

I’m quite loss with Strapi so my question most probably seems very dumb. I’m ready to specify it if someone can point me to right direction.

Just to add some info Strapi should be your NODE backend. Your react app should talk to the strapi API.

You will need to run it on the server itself :slight_smile:

i would like to add guys. from docs it really hard to understand what an entry point for app, index.js? server.js? but build folder doesn’t contain such fails after build. and as result should i load full project or only build folder.