How to dynamically change the sender in STRAPI?

Hi all

I am using the strapi-provider-email-sendinblue plugin and works great

here is my plugin customization in the plugin.js file

email: {
    config: {
      provider: 'strapi-provider-email-sendinblue',
      providerOptions: {
        sendinblue_api_key: 'xxxxx',
        sendinblue_default_replyto: ',
        sendinblue_default_from: '',
        sendinblue_default_from_name: 'hello world',

THIS is how I send mail from the controllers and it works fine

      to: email,
      subject: `Subject`,
      html: html,

The problem starts when I want to change the sender. More precisely the field sendinblue_default_from, I need to do it in the controller depending on the parameters that come . But I don’t understand how to change this default setting which is written in plugin.js.

In the account I have already set up two senders and checked each mail separately, it works