How to get only items related to the authenticated user?

I am building a shopping cart, where I have a LineItem collection (a line item is an item in a shopping cart). A line item has a related user. Now, I want to retrieve only line items that belongs to the logged in user, so I tried this controller

export default factories.createCoreController(
    ({ strapi }) => ({
        async find(ctx) {
            if (ctx.state.isAuthenticated) {
                const userId =
                ctx.query = {
                    filters: {
                        user: {
                            id: {
                                $eq: userId
            return await super.find(ctx)

This only works if I allow the user role to find User (users_permission_user). However, that also allows the authenticated user to see all other users. Why isn’t the me permission enough? How should I handle this situation?

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You have to use low level db.query, or entity service and resolve permissions yourself

Like using kex?


Uses internal validation

Could you give me an example?

Because I am already calling super.find