How to get only one image link in the strapi API of any collection type instead of 3 different auto generated image links!

So, the thing is after creating the image field and after adding some images to the collection type, I checked the API and I noticed that many different image formats are being generated! Then I went to the settings > Media library > Enable responsive friendly upload : I switched off this! so even after switching off that option I can see two different image links in the API So, i just want one original Image link in my API So can anyone help with this!! Screenshot_2021-01-20 https kodagutoday herokuapp com deaths|690x340

We don’t currently have a method to stop the generation of the thumbnail as it’s used by the Strapi admin panel.

apparently I digged in the strapi docs and it turns out we can!
In the api folder went to the collection type and added a custom controller :