How to get the _limit filter within the relational fields

I have a CourseSeries table that has title, description, and is linked to many courses

if I visit http://localhost:1338/course-series I get this

    "id": 2,
    "title": "series X",
    "description": null,
    "courses": [....] // e.g. 100 entries (I want to be able to do `?_limit=10` on courses)

Of course, I could go to /courses?_limit=10 but I want to have the results structured as above so that I can then easily do:

  <li>series X
       <li>course one</li>
       <li>course two</li>
       <li>course three</li> 
       <li>LOAD MORE</li> <!-- fetch more from series X -->

Is it possible to do this?