How to Implement Authenticated API Requests to Strapi

Strapi is an awesome technology that can be included as part of a tech stack for creating full-fledged applications. It is known as a headless CMS because it serves only as the backend infrastructure for your application. Therefore, it can handle the entire backend for your application, leaving you with the flexibility to choose whatever frontend technology you’d like to use for your application.

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Good tutorial but it looks like most of the code was copied and pasted without confirming that it actually copied and pasted correctly. You can still follow along but it would be much easier if this was updated to fix the typos.

Thanks for that tutorial! However, a reader should have the possibility to click and enlarge the images. They are way too small. This seems to be a general problem with the strapi articles since a long time. Hope the strapi team will improve this!
And I agree with the previous post in the sense that the code examples are badly formatted. Any chance to improve that?

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I’m new to strapi / node.js, can I integrate this with my own html/css/js code? either in the file with the html extension or in the file with the ejs extension. I started in VSCode to make a node.js application and I managed to integrate my html code in ejs files but I still need to use strapi to have unique passwords, I use strapi for the mobile application, I want the web part to have a custom design with certain actions dictated by custom js scripts/plugins

great feedback! I’ve fixed these issues, they should be fixed when the website deploys as i’m making a lot of edits at the moment. Are you still having an issue with the images? They seem to be alright on my end.

hey!! welcome, yes you can use the content from your Strapi API to populate your ejs templates. As for passwords, you should be able to use the User and Permissions Plugin but given you register these users with Strapi in the first place.

i want to know how can i make a custome api in user i am getting everthing for custome controllers and etc… but none of them showing me how to add custom api in user as i want to make verify-user api for refresh token how can i

Can you provide a code example of what you have done. Are you looking to add custom logic to the user permissions plugin? You can also join us Mon - Fri 12:30 pm CST time for open office hours where you can also ask your questions and share your screen with what you are working on.