How to import content with out deleting the existing data

HI Team,
I want to import some content with out deleting my existing content, I mean I want to merge my content with some content.
but in strapi docs saying it will delete all existing data, strapi import
is there any way to import the content with out deleting my content.

Ashok kumar A.V

The same question, i need migrate labels for fields from one server to another.

  1. Why you decided to save it in DB ? How to migrate it ???
  2. Ok, lets try your export|import data tool: I need export just config: npm run strapi export – --no-encrypt --only config -f dump_config/export`

And after import config:
npm run strapi import -- --only config -f dump_config/export.tar.gz
I`m losing all data. What the f**k ??? What is in you heads, when you decided to delete ALL DATA during import ???

Developers ??? When you will answer this question ???

@avashokkumar How about importing your data directly to the database? If you are using for example PostgreSQL, there are CLI tools for data import available. You might need to adapt your data to the schema, though. But you can just append the data that way.
An alternative that might even be easier is to use the REST / GraphQL interface to add data without overwriting. You could write a little loader script, for example in JavaScript to do that easily.