How to install v3 now?

I tried:

yarn create strapi-app my-project

But it installs v4

¿How to do install v3?

Hi! This may not be the fanciest thing to do, but it works.
Download this template and then update it to the latest version 3.6.8 of Strapi:

npx create-strapi-app@3.6.8 my-project


This is correct npx create-strapi-app@3.6.8 yourProjectName


I ran that command and it’s still installing v.4.0.0, can you confirm that this is not happening on your end?

You NEED to have the @3.6.8 in the command as that tells npx to pull and use that version. If you use @latest then it will pull v4.

Testing that command works fine for me to generate a v3 project.

Thanks! I may still use strapi v3 meanwhile other plugins do not update. In my case, I use Nuxt v2 and @nuxt/strapi module and had problems with strapi v4

Strapi installation with version number in YARN

yarn global add strapi@3.6.8
strapi new my-app