How to keep database synced between developers?

Hi everybody,

I’m very new to Strapi and it seems it would fit very well for my project. We’re a small team of 3 developers and the first doubt it came to my mind is about keeping the database synced between us.

For example, let’s say I’ll start the project and define the some collections. Then I need another developer of my team to work on the project, how is (s)he supposed to get the collections I created?

This is actually the same problem when I have a production database and a development database.

How does this work? Thanks!

Have you already tried it yourself?

You will see that the problem you describe does not exist when using strapi.

You might want to share a DB-Dump for actual data with your colleagues but changes of a model are always code-changes and will also result in a change in the database of each of your colleagues.

Oh that’s cool! Didn’t notice that. Thank you!