How to maintain the logged in session across browser tabs?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4.7.0
  • Node Version: v14.18.1

When I create a new tab in Chrome, I need to login again. Anyone know how to maintain the logged in session across all tabs? Like every other website does?
Strapi can be a bit slow sometimes, so my workflow would be open multiple tabs to edit multiple content whilst saving others. But every time I open a new tab, I have to login again.

Would need to store the JWT token not in session but in local storage I guess.

Are you referring to Strapi’s admin authentication or your own website that is integrated with Strapi?

Sorry was not receiving reply notifications… I just wanted to add to this that it seems to work now, so maybe it was fixed in an update.

I was referring to Strapi admin. If I was logged in on one tab, if I then go to a new tab in Chrome (whether I click a link in the admin to open in a new tab, or copy and paste a link) I would need to login again. And this is a real pain for us power users who open multiple tabs at the same time to get things done quicker!

But I have not had this issue for months now, so probably fixed.