How to make a good Environment (Development, Preproduction, Production)

System Information
  • Strapi Version: “3.1.7”
  • Operating System: Windows / Linux / Mac OS
  • Database: MySQL
  • Node Version: “>=10.0.0”
  • NPM Version: “>=6.0.0”
  • Yarn Version: “>= 1.22.5”

Hi !

I have been using Strapi for a few months alone, that why it did not give me any problems regarding the collaboration.

I am currently on a project with other developers. Unfortunately we have some synchronization problems.

(We use Strapi whith a local Docker database) The permissions settings seem to be stored in the database. It’s therefore possible to use the DUMP and RESTORE commands.

But it seems that the whole configuration is not sent (we want export Roles, Permissions and Entities) and we have to dump the tables as well. But this process would not involve possible conflicts ?

So here is the question : To use Strapi and develop together through a git repository and Docker, what is the best way to organize a development, preproduction and production environment ?

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Our CLI :dump / :restore commands only deal with the core_store table. For your development between teams, are you all sharing the same database or each using your own?

Hi @DMehaffy, I’m in the team, we are using different databases for each environment and each developer has his own in local with Docker


I don’t know if you’ve figured out a way around this by now.

But alternatively you could use a plugin I wrote:

With it you can export/import permissions, core store settings and more.

When you work in a team every developer would:

  • Export the config before they commit.
  • Import the config after they pull.

Just wanted to drop that here :slight_smile:

Note: The plugin works a lot better in v4