How to make documentId in GraphQL queries optional

Having a custom page slug using strapi5, I want to be able to fetch data with GraphQL by slug, and I made the following changes

import type { Core } from '@strapi/strapi';

export default {
   * An asynchronous register function that runs before
   * your application is initialized.
   * This gives you an opportunity to extend code.
  register({ strapi }: { strapi: Core.Strapi }) {
    const extensionService = strapi.plugin('graphql').service('extension');

    const extension = ({ nexus }) => ({
      typeDefs: `
        type Query {
          documentId: ID
          page(slug: String): Page
      resolvers: {
        Query: {
          page: {
            resolve: async (parent, args, context) => {

              const { toEntityResponse } = strapi.service(

              const data = await[""].find({
                filters: { slug: args.slug },

              const response = toEntityResponse(data.results[0]);
              return response;

   * An asynchronous bootstrap function that runs before
   * your application gets started.
   * This gives you an opportunity to set up your data model,
   * run jobs, or perform some special logic.
  bootstrap(/* { strapi }: { strapi: Core.Strapi } */) { },
However documentId is required field. How can I make that optional?

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It looks like documentId already is optional, seeing as there isn’t a “!” at the end of it. You don’t have a resolver for it though, which might be causing the error when you query it. I’m not a GraphQL expert though so I could be missing other details.

Unfortunately, that attempt did not work as I still have the documentId as a required argument. However, I used another workaround by making a query on pages where I can use the filters, and then I have to target the first element in the array.