How to make email confirmation after user register

System Information
  • **Strapi Version4:
  • **Operating Systemwindows:
  • **Databasepostgres:
  • **Node Versionlast:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

I am using strapi v4 and I want when the user register he receives an email verification

after i Enable email confirmation the registration form doesn’t work

Try :point_down: inside the src/index.js inside bootstrap

  bootstrap({ strapi }) {

      models: ["plugin::users-permissions.user"],

      // Send email to new user
      async afterCreate({ params }) {
        const {
          data: { email, username },
        } = params;

          await strapi.plugins['email']{
            to: `${email}`,
            from: `${process.env.SENDGRID_DEFAULT_FROM}`,
            replyTo: `${process.env.SENDGRID_DEFAULT_TO}`,
            cc: 'valid email address',
            bcc: 'valid email address',
            replyTo: 'valid email address',
            subject: `${username}, Welcome to the ....`,
            html: `<p>${username}</p><p>Welcome to ....</p> 

        } catch(err) {


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Can you help me out with the same requirement :slight_smile:

What I want is when user register in site, this Strapi Api is executed, they will receive an email for Confirmation with link. When click on link the user will be verified and will be able to login or else the user will be unauthorized.

I am talking about Content Manager - Users (Awesome Screenshot)