How to make "to":"" dynamic when sending email in Strapi with nextJs

—module.exports = {
async index(ctx) {
await strapi.plugins[‘email’]{
to: “”, // this is to be fetched from nextjs input field how ?
subject: “Subscribe”,
text: “Thanks for subscribing”,
ctx.send(“Email Sent”);

If this ia custom controller you can use ctx.body to get the content of the body where the input is.

This email is a GET request so how we can access body

Well if it’s dynamic you need to send the data so you need to make it a POST request :slight_smile:

but when i send post request then text is not displayed in the body of the email

So i think the setup is a bit different,

this is using email, and depending on how you set it up currently I use AWS SES for it but others are also possible to use.