How to modify admin url on a DigitalOcean deploy

I have created a Strapi app and deployed it on DigitalOcean App Platform. My goal is to deploy the frontend to mywebsite, the Strapi api to mywebsite/api and the Strapi admin on mywebsite/admin.

On DO I have set a HTTP Route to ‘/api’, and added 2 relevant environment variables:
ADMIN_URL = ${APP_URL}/admin

As for the frontend and the /api part it works perfectly, but the admin doesn’t load (it shows a next.js 404 - my frontend app is next.js). When I delete the admin.url line from my server.js the admin is available at mywebsite/api/admin as it should, but my goal is to move the admin to mywebsite/admin.

I have tried to add the admin.url in absolute path too, but it didn’t worked either.
What am I missing here? Thank you in advance!

my production server.js file:
module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
url: env(“STRAPI_URL”),
port:“PORT”, 1337),
admin: {
auth: {
secret: env(“ADMIN_JWT_SECRET”, “cf4351f3b80262a4f196748fc49b9b91”),
url: env(“ADMIN_URL”),

Hi, has you solved it somehow?

Unfortunatelly, I couldn’t, I just use the mywebsite/api/admin path since then :frowning: