How to override the provided html in admin/src?

Hi members.
I’m trying to modify the provided index.html file inside the admin/src folder. But it’s not working. Strapi still using the HTML inside the node_modules/strapi-admin/admin/src folder.
I should override the webpack config?
If yes, what is the desired config for that? (I’m new to webpack).


If you modify it inside the ./admin/src then you should rebuild Admin after each modification yarn build

What page do you exactly want to modify? As all the pages are in react, not html.

Thanks for your response.
I want to add some meta tags to the main HTML.
And building the project with yarn build is not working too.

What page exactly?

This one?

Or Login page?

Or Admin UI index page?

I’m not considering one specific page. I want to add some meta tags to <head> for all of the pages. Also, I want to change the <title> tag value that currently is Strapi Admin.
I did change the title of pages inside components. But there is a default value for <title> tag that I want to change that too.