How to pass arguments in custom services defined in user-permissions

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.8.2
  • Operating System: Ubuntu
  • Database: sqlite
  • Node Version: 18.15.0
  • NPM Version: 9.5.0
  • Yarn Version: N/A

I defined a custom service as the following,
path: src/extensions/users-permissions/strapi-server.js['updateSomething'] = (userId) => {

When I tried to call this function in other places by calling strapi.service('plugin::users-permissions.updateSomething').updateSomething(passedId);, the argument passedId is unable to be retrieved by calling userId inside['updateSomething']. Instead when I console.log(userId), the following is shown:

  strapi: Strapi {
    container: {
      register: [Function: register],
      get: [Function: get],
      extend: [Function: extend]
    dirs: { dist: [Object], app: [Object], static: [Object] },
    isLoaded: true,
    reload: [Function: reload] {
      isWatching: [Getter/Setter],
      isReloading: false
    server: {
      app: [Object],
      router: [Router],
      httpServer: [Server],
      api: [Function: api],
      use: [Function: use],
      routes: [Function: routes],
      mount: [Function: mount],
      initRouting: [AsyncFunction: initRouting],
      initMiddlewares: [AsyncFunction: initMiddlewares],
      listRoutes: [Function: listRoutes],
      listen: [Function: listen],
      destroy: [AsyncFunction: destroy]
    fs: {
      writeAppFile: [Function: writeAppFile],
      writePluginFile: [Function: writePluginFile],
      removeAppFile: [Function: removeAppFile],
      appendFile: [Function: appendFile]
    eventHub: {
      emit: [AsyncFunction: emit],
      subscribe: [Function: subscribe],
      unsubscribe: [Function: unsubscribe],
      on: [Function: on],
      off: [Function: off],
      once: [Function: once],
      destroy: [Function: destroy],
      removeListener: [Function: off],
      removeAllListeners: [Function: destroy],
      addListener: [Function: on]
    startupLogger: {
      logStats: [Function: logStats],
      logFirstStartupMessage: [Function: logFirstStartupMessage],
      logDefaultStartupMessage: [Function: logDefaultStartupMessage],
      logStartupMessage: [Function: logStartupMessage]
    log: DerivedLogger {
      _readableState: [ReadableState],
      readable: true,
      _events: [Object: null prototype],
      _eventsCount: 3,
      _maxListeners: undefined,
      _writableState: [WritableState],
      writable: true,
      allowHalfOpen: true,
      _transformState: [Object],
      silent: undefined,
      format: [Format],
      defaultMeta: null,
      levels: [Object],
      level: 'silly',
      exceptions: [ExceptionHandler],
      rejections: [RejectionHandler],
      profilers: {},
      exitOnError: true,
      [Symbol(kCapture)]: false
    cron: {
      add: [Function: add],
      remove: [Function: remove],
      start: [Function: start],
      stop: [Function: stop],
      destroy: [Function: destroy],
      jobs: [Array]
    telemetry: {
      isDisabled: [Getter],
      register: [Function: register],
      bootstrap: [Function: bootstrap],
      destroy: [Function: destroy],
      send: [AsyncFunction: send]
    requestContext: { run: [AsyncFunction: run], get: [Function: get] },
    customFields: { register: [Function: register] },
    admin: {
      register: [Function (anonymous)],
      bootstrap: [AsyncFunction (anonymous)],
      destroy: [AsyncFunction (anonymous)],
      config: [Object],
      policies: [Object],
      routes: [Array],
      services: [Object],
      controllers: [Object],
      contentTypes: [Object],
      middlewares: [Object]
    app: {
      register: [Function: register],
      bootstrap: [Function: bootstrap]
    components: {
      'multiple-choice.option': [Object],
      'question.multiple-choice': [Object],
      'question.short-question': [Object]
    webhookRunner: WebhookRunner {
      eventHub: [Object],
      logger: [DerivedLogger],
      webhooksMap: Map(0) {},
      listeners: Map(0) {},
      config: [Object],
      queue: [WorkerQueue]
    db: Database {
      metadata: [Metadata [Map]],
      config: [Object],
      dialect: [SqliteDialect],
      connection: [Function],
      schema: [Object],
      migrations: [Object],
      lifecycles: [Object],
      entityManager: [Object]
    store: [Function: store] {
      get: [AsyncFunction: get],
      set: [AsyncFunction: set],
      delete: [AsyncFunction: delete]
    webhookStore: {
      findWebhooks: [AsyncFunction: findWebhooks],
      findWebhook: [AsyncFunction: findWebhook],
      createWebhook: [Function: createWebhook],
      updateWebhook: [AsyncFunction: updateWebhook],
      deleteWebhook: [AsyncFunction: deleteWebhook]
    entityValidator: {
      validateEntityCreation: [AsyncFunction (anonymous)],
      validateEntityUpdate: [AsyncFunction (anonymous)]
    entityService: {
      implementation: [Object],
      decorate: [Function: decorate],
      uploadFiles: [Function (anonymous)],
      wrapParams: [Function (anonymous)],
      emitEvent: [Function (anonymous)],
      findMany: [Function (anonymous)],
      findPage: [Function (anonymous)],
      findWithRelationCountsPage: [Function (anonymous)],
      findWithRelationCounts: [Function (anonymous)],
      findOne: [Function (anonymous)],
      count: [Function (anonymous)],
      create: [Function (anonymous)],
      update: [Function (anonymous)],
      delete: [Function (anonymous)],
      deleteMany: [Function (anonymous)],
      load: [Function (anonymous)],
      loadPages: [Function (anonymous)]

Does anyone know what is going on?