How to populate relational field with only data that equals a value of a column field and not all the data

Hello. I have a relational field that references a collection. By default, all data is populated in the relational field dropdown. I wish to only populate the dropdown list with data from that collection where one of the columns has a specific value. Is this possible and if it is how would I go about implementing this?

Hello, currently it’s not possible to achieve Conditional displaying in the Strapi’s UI.

But may I ask another question: Why do you add relationship to an item if you don’t need it? The correct way is to add conditions before creating the relationship with an item.

Thanks for your reply. I need the relationship because the data I want to be populated in the multiple select dropdown is stored in a separate collection.

For context, I am building out a solution where teachers can write lesson plans. Skills that students will develop as part of the lesson will also be recorded. These skills are stored in a separate collection with columns: skill, a category (which is either Cognitive or Life Skill) and a sub-category (communication, teamwork etc.). I wish to in the main lesson plan component have 2 relational fields that references this skills collection - 1 for Cognitive and 1 for Life Skill).

I don’t quite understand what you mean by this. Can you elaborate?

Have there been any changes that would now make it possible to add a conditional relationship as described in the thread?