How to query a single image size with upload plugin?

I am trying to query a single file size, using GQL after I have uploaded my image and upload plugin has resized it according to the settings.
However, it seems the upload plugin only returns data as of type: json and this doesn’t allow for querying.
How can I change or resolve this json type data into a GQL type, globally, so it is available to all my endpoints?

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You can query through upload_file model using id for getting the required data.

const Data = await strapi.query('file', 'upload').findOne({id : data.image});

Where Data have response like

  id: 799,
  name: 'download.png',
  alternativeText: '',
  caption: '',
  width: 177,
  height: 99,
  formats: null,
  hash: 'download_4b63425cad',
  ext: '.png',
  mime: 'image/png',
  size: 2.18,
  url: '',
  previewUrl: null,
  provider: 'local-provider',
  provider_metadata: null,