How to remove Strapi from my system?

System Information
  • Strapi@3.1.0-alpha.5:
  • Windows 10:
  • MongoDB:
  • Node v12.18.4:
  • NPM 6.14.6:
  • Yarn 1.22.5:

How to remove strapi from my system?
I have tried globally uninstalling strapi, but still when I type “strapi -v” in cmd it shows me a version info of 3.1.0-alpha.5 installed on system.

Worked with you via slack and determined the issue was with the strapi-cli being installed globally with yarn.

You ran the yarn global remove strapi and it did as expected :slight_smile:


Hi, how to fully remove when using npx create-strapi-app@latest my-project?

I searched in all documentation, forum and Discord and I don’t see an clear answer for that.

(I’m trying to uninstall because I to try Gatsby starter)

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I have same problem

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You can just remove your folder and that’s all.