How to Retrieve the Entry Title in a Strapi Plugin?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4
  • Operating System: MacOS v14.5 (23F79)
  • Database: x
  • Node Version: v18.17.1
  • NPM Version: pnpm v8.10.5
  • Yarn Version: x

Hey, I am currently building a plugin that will be able to modify the content types.

I would like to get the Entry title, which can be accessed and edited here, for example, for the content type “Type”: http://localhost:1337/admin/content-manager/collection-types/api::type.type/configurations/edit.

Currently, the entry title is set to “Test entry title”, but I don’t find any command to get it via the plugin as we can do to get the attributes of a content type with this command “strapi.contentTypes”.

My project is in TypeScript.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A little up just in case :slight_smile: