How to send email confirmation after Register

System Information
  • **Strapi Version3.6.8:
  • **Operating SystemWindows 10:
  • **DatabaseMySQL:
  • Node Version: 12.14.0
  • NPM Version:
  • **Yarn Version1.22.11:

I don’t know what to do anymore, after registration I don’t receive a confirmation email… I’m developing via local host (localhost:1337).
I’ve already activated all the possible permissions in the administrative panel, the user registration via postman also works normally, but I don’t receive any email.

What do I need to configure for this to work?

PS: I tried to register in sendgrid, but I always get “You are not authorized to access SendGrid, please contact”

Hi there @Diego_Oliveira
So i’m going to link this

For some settings in Admin Panel that you need to turn on.
Also under
Setttings > Advanced Settings > Enable email confirmation (This needs to be turned on as well)

When it comes to the error for SendGrid, make sure you have installed the package

And configured it correctly, the error seems that you haven’t given the right API key or the key does not have the right permissions. So this needs to be checked with SendGrid

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Thank you very much!
For those who are experiencing the same problem, in your config folder create a file called plugins.js and paste the code:

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
    email: {
      provider: env('EMAIL_PROVIDER'),
      providerOptions: {
        host: env('EMAIL_SMTP_HOST', ''),
        port: env('EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', 587),
        auth: {
          user: env('EMAIL_SMTP_USER'),
          pass: env('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS'),
      settings: {
        defaultFrom: env('EMAIL_ADDRESS_FROM'),
        defaultReplyTo: env('EMAIL_ADDRESS_REPLY'),

And in your .env file put your email service credentials (in my case I used sendinblue, just register on the website and get your credentials in the SMTP & API tab):

In your .env file:

EMAIL_SMTP_USER=your email registered on sendinblue here
EMAIL_SMTP_PASS=your master pass key here
EMAIL_ADDRESS_FROM=your email registered on sendinblue here
EMAIL_ADDRESS_REPLY=your email registered on sendinblue here

PS: Don’t forget install nodemailer in your project:

npm i nodemailer


yarn add nodemailer

Now your confirmation account/forgot password/reset password should work normally.

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I answered this question in a stackoverflow thread, in case it helps anyone:

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Here is a more detailed answer Strapi email confirmation is not working properly. I click the link and nothing happens - Stack Overflow