How to set public permissions without using Strapi Admin

Is it possible to set public permission of routes and controllers in the routes file so that you do not have to go into strapi admin after rebuild to check the permissions checkboxes for a specific route?

Thank you

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Want to know too! That’s the only reason I’m logging into the Strapi dashboard these days, very often after a brief moment of “Why is my endpoint not working?”. Would be great to be able to programmatically set that and push it out with the commit.

Currently you can’t set them in files but you can inject them at boot time (or build some kind of custom controller to handle that, but you need the permissions set to use that controller so catch-22):

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Hi there, I had a similar problem and have developed a plugin to help solve it:

It updates the database during bootstrap to automatically set your chosen permissions to public.

nice! I will have to check it out

Hey, What about the Authenticated permissions? Dose this plugin solve that problem as well?