How to Swagger Authenticate after Auth0 Login?

Hello everyone.

I’ve created a Strapi API to test with Auth0 Bearer authorization. I’ve also included Swagger documentation to my APP so I can check easily my endpoints with auth or no auth.

First, I’ve been following the Auth0 - Strapi tutorial ( Auth0 Provider & Strapi Tutorial ). After installing the react-login sample and loggin in with Auth0, I redirect to my Swagger Documentation Strapi API , with my user logged, but I can’t use endpoints that requires authentication…


I’ve been trying with Bearer authentication with params that Auth0 provides after the login, but none of them seems to work , such as id_token , acces_token…

How can I solve it? I just want to use a token that Auth0 gives me after successfull login to authenticate users to my Strapi API (because I want to use the same token to navigate through my different strapi apis).

Thank you in advance.