How to target a field with a lufez

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I’m looking to highlight a field in the admin panel from an error in a lifecycle event. The docs just have foo: bar I’ve tried adding fields names for foo, and guessing bar is the actual error message.

export default {
    async beforeUpdate(event) {
        const example = await strapi
        .findOne({ id: });
        const exampleUpdated = { ...example, };

        if (exampleUpdated.category == null) {
        // throw new ApplicationError("Something went wrong category", {
        throw new ValidationError("Something went wrong category", {
            for: "bar", // from strapi docs

Hmmm, I havn’t noticed errors been highlighted in Strapi Admin, but if it did I think you can get a hint from checking the network tab of developer tools to see the payload when making the request that returns the error.