How to upgrade external plugin

First of all Strapi docs lack information on plugins development and support. At least I couldn’t find any relevant data.
So I have a plugin here
To install it just adding it with npm or yarn seems enough. Works perfect.
I implemented some new feature and updated the repo and npm registry with new version.
In my local Strapi project I updated this plugin with yarn upgrade. In node_modules i find a new version of plugin.
But when i do strapi develop the app itself contains old version. While strapi develop --watch-admin - new version, back to strapi develop - old version.
I tried to remove build folder, strapi build command and then strapi develop, the app still contains the old version of plugin.

Can you please give me some clear instructions on the topic? What is the preferred way to install and to update the external plugin?

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Delete the build and .cache folders or run yarn build --clean/npm run build -- --clean

You have some cached build

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That worked. Thank you!