How to use non-unique UID in combination with i18n


Currently I am trying to make a monolingual site into a multilingual one.

I have a Page collection type with fields like title and slug, sing the UID field for slug referencing title.
This worked great before, but trying to use it for multiple languages can sometimes be a pain in the ass if the slug is the same name in another language (i.e. blog(s) in English and Dutch).

To bypass it you need to make it a completely different name (since it needs to be unique, which is obvious).
I can’t seem to find an existing feature inside Strapi, on any of the forums or find it on Google that seems to explain this.

Are we really limited to using either:

  1. Completely different names;
  2. or not using a UID/Unique field for slug

to bypass this?

If so, has this already been spoken about in the V5 meetings/brainstorms?