How to use Relation field in a dynamic zone as a component?

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I have a collection type (Contract) that has several fields and one of them is a “relation” field that has a relationship to a child collection type (RateByCity). In other words, a contract has a specific rate based on what city you live in.

- customer
- city
- taxRate (relation one-to-one TaxRateByCity)

I want to create a reusable component out of the Contract collection type so that I can use it in the dynamic zone without repeating the content repeatedly. I get it to work as a collection type related to another collection type (For example, CollectionTypeA has a one-to-one relation to CollectionTypeB). But I want to create a component with a “relation” field to an unknown collection until we complete the data entry to use in a dynamic zone.

Can it be done? I have not been able to get it to work.