How to we implement social authentications like facebook, linkedin, google,etc

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.5.5
  • Operating System: linux 22
  • Database: mysql
  • Node Version: 16
  • NPM Version: 8
  • Yarn Version:

Hi Team,

I recently started using strapi for fast backend deployment and strapis ease of use. Recently I’m trying to implement all the social authentications available in strapi to limit the friction in user registration and got stuck. The reason is only reading the document of any framework has never helped me to the core so I started searching online for implementation guide but found none. Which made me think why theres no content made for the prociders available in strapi with latest implementations. It would help many of us as everything else is pretty understandable from the docs and others have also made some tutorials which we can follow. If possible, it would be great if we got a workshop from the admins on the providers with latest implementations.


Look here, there are examples for all social networks:

There are definitely more than 4 examples of working with providers on the blog

Thanks Spals for sharing the blogs. I checked them but found a blog related only to facebook which I think I can follow for successful implementation with facebook.

If possible, would appreciate if you could share the exact links related to implementation of facebook, google, Twitter and LinkedIn. It would be best if theres a video tutorial for the same.

Also, I would suggest that we add a tutorial on strapis youtube channel so that other devs like me who get bored from reading can learn from it in an interactive manner.


The trick is that the providers work on the same principle with a few exceptions, such as Twitter does not always return the email address, it must be taken into account.
If you can implement login through facebook, you can also do it with other social networks.
But how to get the keys on different social networks will help you Youtube :grin:

Ok. Hope its like how you say and I’ll definitely checkout the working on it. I started with linkedin to begin with, got the app id and secret key and all is looking good but still im not getting any data back from it. So I thought I might not be following the latest way of implementing it. Hence I’m here.

I’ll try to implement others first and get a basic idea then will get back to LinkedIn. Is there a github repo or something that can guide me with linkedin and give me boost as its already 3days now I’m trying to figure it out.

There are quite a few examples
I peeked at an example implementation in this article half a year ago:

At the end of the article there is a link to the repository

great thanks for helping. I’ll try them out and let you know though. Happy to talk to you.

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Hi Spals,

I tried to follow the blog you shared with me for facebook auth implementation and found that its not latest and so are the other resources I found on other social auth providers available in strapi. So, to confirm if social auth is still feasible with strapi can you check if we are still able to implement these providers in strapi.

Below is the screenshot of the error i’m getting while adding the ngrok domain name to the facbook login setup.

Hi @Pawan_Bansari , I would like to know if you managed to implement the authentication without any problem.
thank you.