I am triying to implement strapi for mult-teancy env ,but its not supporting to do ,i have 10 tenants i need to maintain all in one 1 app how can we do that

I am using postgres and i need to implement dynamic connections and switching connection based on tenants request

You can use Express Access Proxy + Strapi Access Proxy plugin.

why i need mongodb and its connection to strapi but that should work for all 10 tenants with single app, i am not getting how to implenet can you please help me here

You need mongodb if you plan to use auth, accessLogs or errorLogs directives, otherwise you don’t need. If you just want to have access to 10 separate Strapi apps through a single app you just need to add 10 configs in config/servers like this:

file: config/servers/available/my-strapi-app-X.json

    "serverName": ["my-tenant-1.com"],
    "server": {
        "proxyPass": "localhost:1337",
        "...": "..."

Replace the serverName and port for every tenent.

Of course, you need to proxyPass those clients in nginx too to the proxy app you are creating using express-access-proxy, and you should read the docs about how to enable the added configs and about all the things you can do using that app. If you know some nginx it shouldn’t be hard since it follows the same principles.

With Single strapi can i implement 10 tenants?

If all of them will have access to the same content… yes. Strapi is headless CMS, so you just need to point the tenants to that Strapi app through Nginx or whatever webserver you are using.

But, there is no way to separate their users or admins if any. Also, in case of user registrations you can use only one email address that is sending confirmations.

All tenants have their own data ,all tenants have their seperate database

Well, strapi has its own single database, from which serves data to the clients. You probably didnn’t understand what strapi is and what it does. Please read the docs.

How can i assign baseurl ,acttually i tried
module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
host: env(‘HOST’, ‘’),
port: env.int(‘PORT’, 1337),
Getting 404 error