I can't find the property I created

I’m trying to recover the data entered on Strapi, with React. When I try to print in the console the data received from the API call to the inserted elements, I have the ability to read everything, but if I insert images, I don’t have access to them, and I can’t find the property I created to then retrieve the url. What could I do?

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Have you added populate to the query? To populate the image in the response because an image is a relational field.

I don’t think so, but I don’t know if I understood your answer correctly. What should I do


Its tough to know exactly what your issue is so let me ask a question.

Are you saying that after posting images to your endpoint that you do not see the images in the response?

exactly, I make this request in React but I don’t see my image in the answer

yeah you have to add populate. Something like this:

Because media is a relational field you have to tell strapi you want it returned by adding the populate query parameter. Its in the documentation i linked.