I can't seem to get by Admin email working and can't find anything in docs?

I’m wondering If I am missing something. I just set up my server and have strapi running but I when I’m at the admin panel login screen and press forgot email then enter and email and hit send. I see the success message and I should be getting an email but no email ever comes.

It seems I would need to something on my server or in configs in order for this to work but in the docs it says strapi comes with it’s own email provider and doesn’t say anywhere about how to set this up ? Am I missing something ? Is it preset, do I need to setup my own smtp or any node packages how do I do this if so?

I am self hosting on AWS. Using NGINX in reverse proxy if that helps. Just confused on how to set up admin user forgot password on community version

Thanks for all the help.

Solution I found: Used a plugin: strapi-provider-email-nodemailer-v3
followed directions, Then on production the wrong link was being sent ( had local host in it ). I updated config/server.js to have the url param

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Yup that will do it, glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

Thanks, quick question on production deployment. Will the strapi’s rest api go down each time I make a change. So let’s say if I add a new content type in development. Push up to github, pull down into my production server. Then ru: NODE_ENV=production npm run build, then run: pm2 restart ecosystem.config.js` which runs the npm run start command ? Am I missing something here ? does any change require a new build and thus downtime of the api ? Sorry I couldn’t find a clear answer on this and new to strapi and node. thank you.

Not all changes require admin rebuild. But all of them require restarting.

Yes, your app will go down for a while, that depends on the complexity of your app on how long it will take. You can’t achieve seamless deploys on any node app(including strapi) with a single instance. For seamless deploys with 0 downtime, you should use clusters, K8s, etc.

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Hey thanks for the response, I figured as much but could to have it confirmed. Something I should probably learn. Thanks again, have a good day!

Do you think you could explain how I do this as I seem to be having the same problem currently