I deployed my database to Heroku and all of my collections are there but the posts itself didn't migrate

System Information
  • 3.1.0-alpha.5
  • Mac OS
  • PostgreSQL
  • v14.15.1
  • 6.14.8
  • Not using Yarn

It’s all in the title really but i deployed my Strapi application to Heroku and my collections did migrate but the posts itself didn’t. So a collection i have is “Projects”, when i log into the application i do see the collection but the collection doesnt contain any projects. Do i need to export my database manually and import it on the server or should this happen automatically.
This is my first time deploying a Strapi application so bear with me if i don’t understand some of the concepts.

Thank you!

Strapi will create all the needed tables when they don’t exist. So your Strapi on Heroku initialised the a new database correctly.
If you have data on your local machine, you need to import it to the heroku DB, yes. There is no way for Strapi on Heroku to magically know about your local data, right? :slight_smile:

Take Backup of your Postgress and then feed that to the Heroku one