I forget password try to reinstall


  • Strapi Version latest:
  • Windows:
  • MYSql:
  • Node Version v16.13.2:
  • **NPM Version **:
  • Yarn yarn@1.22.19:

after yarn add strapi when enter all detail in cli. register page comes where we need to enter name, email, password. so after i forget password i tried reset email but its not working. i unsintall and reintsalled strapi but it will not show me register page. it showed me login page. please help me

I forget password but when i reinstall i got this again. even i tried forget password option. it is fake no use.
it is not sending reset password link. please help me.

If you dont have any important data in your database, you can just delete it/ modiry its name to for example databaseDISABLED. Then it should run the prompt again i think.

Or you need to dive in the sql db and update the password with a new one manually, though it will probably only accept encrypted data.

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If you are using the local development version you can use the CLI to set the password: CLI - Strapi Developer Docs

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