I have deployed the strapi on heroku by following the official documentation but im not able to use content builder plugin

I have used postgres as database on heroku server when im trying to use content types builder or trying to add collection it says in to auto reload as strapi develop but i dono how to do it server after deployment

Can anyone help on this plz… i need this up soon

It’s not possible, we have two FAQ entries related to this:

Can’t use CTB in production/staging: Troubleshooting - Strapi Developer Documentation

And can’t use CTB in PaaS style deployments: Troubleshooting - Strapi Developer Documentation

The same thing will happen in relation the database and file uploads because model schemas are stored on the file system, meaning making modifications within the deployed application on Heroku would write those model configs to the file system which will be reset when the dyno restarts.

Heroku’s File system is ephemeral and we have no plans to move the model configs to the database.