I just need a collection of products

System Information
  • 3.6.6:
  • Window:
  • MongoDB:
  • v14.15.3:
  • 7.12.0:
  • Yarn Version:

I am making a website for a client, a simple ecommerce, I must show only products where people who visit the page can contact the client, so I think the User collection is not necessary, how can I delete said collection? for now I don’t need to use login. I only need to add in the database, the products that the client adds

The user Collection is a system default, it’s always handy in the future of the system you are developing to have it readily available, you wont regret it.

I agree that it will always be useful, but this application is for a client, it is not asking me for a login system, it only needs to add products dynamically