I wan't to watch all the tracks on the StrapiConf so I can get a deep understanding of Strapi

Will the all the tracks in the StrapiConf run at once? If all the tracks run at once, Is it possible to watch a replay after the conference to get the knowledge of Adopting, Building and Integrating? I love Strapi so It would be very nice to get the replays, but I understand if they want to keep the conference exclusive.

Nope we will have a schedule and they will be streamed in via Youtube so we will also have recordings as well.

We know our users are global and we will never make exclusive one-time content that is only able to be watched live. It’s almost impossible to pick a time and date that matches up with the global timezones. Our goal with the conference is to help users such as yourself grow with us, it certainly would not be beneficial to us or our community to gatekeep information.

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Thanks thats nice :+1: