Image Gallery with Cloudinary

Does anyone here have a tutorial for me on how I can use strapi to create an image gallery with folders?

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I’d check out Strapi’s Media Library: Introduction to the Media Library | Strapi Documentation

I just don’t know how to integrate this into my nextJS website as a gallery, I want different folders and when you open them on the website, you have the images. Or are there components for this?

it sounds like this is a front-end question. I’m not experienced with NextJS but did some googling and found:

The general approach would probably be:

  • Auth
  • Page with folders (Maybe image and span wrapped in an actionable element)
  • User clicks on folder and that loads a page showing sub-folders and images

If you have more specific questions I’d be able to be of greater help. “How do I retrive a user’s folders (Media Gallery? Custom?) in my Strapi v4 project” But right now the question is really open.