Image sitemap for seo

We have created our website using Strapi. I am working on implementing the SEO . We are successful in generating the sitemap.xml using the strapi-plugin-sitemap plugin.
But the metadata SEO information like metatitle, images are not showing up in the sitemap xml.
Can someone please help on the steps to generate the image sitemap xml file ?

Creating an image sitemap for SEO can be a bit tricky. For your Strapi-based website, ensure that your sitemap plugin is configured to include image URLs. If the current plugin doesn’t support this, you might need to customize it or use an additional tool.
Regarding SEO optimization, don’t forget to check other crucial elements like H1 tags. H1 Checker is a great tool for this. It helps you analyze and ensure that your H1 tags are properly implemented, which is vital for both SEO and user experience. This tool can complement your efforts in creating a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy for your website.