Image uploaded to cloudinary but not able to display under media library- Tested on Strapi v4

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v4
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Node Version:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Due to below-console error I am not able to see uploaded images in the media library section after successful upload to Cloudnary. Can you someone pls help in this ?
This Issue is on Strapi v4.

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Hi @Deepak_Kumar
can you share your .config/plugins.js? I dont’t even manage to upload images to cloudnary via Strapi v4…
Sorry I cant help you with your issue :confused:

Now I’am running in the exact same error

Thanks for your response.
The config file is the same as provided in the Strapi documentation for cloudinary connector.

The strange thing is that if we try to open the image URL directly in the browser tab it is loading the image properly, but in the image library console same url doesn’t load the image due to this error

This is a security issue. You can fix that. Look at this.


True, I fixed it with

module.exports = [
    name: 'strapi::security',
    config: {
      contentSecurityPolicy: {
        directives: {
          'img-src': ["'self'", 'data:', '', ''],
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