Images is not show in Multimedia Library

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I have just realized a very annoying problem. I’m using qovery to host my Strapi service, and it really works. The problem comes with the images that I upload to the server.

Let me explain, to upload the project to qovery, you need to host the project in a github repository first, then you add the project and it just deploys.

The problem arises when I first add an image and then git push -u origin master to the repository (update). The images that I previously upload are shown as null, that is, they are not seen. It only happens when I update the repository.

I can’t imagine if the client uploads many images and suddenly I make a change in the repository and out of nowhere they can’t be seen, I need help

Most likely Qovery wipes the filesystem when it updates the code just like Heroku does. You will need to use an external upload provider to store the images.

This is common in most PaaS type systems, see this FAQ entry: Troubleshooting - Strapi Developer Documentation

so, my friend, I should use a provider like cloudinary for the images, thank you very much

Exactly yes, the data for the file still exists in the database but the file no longer exists because our default provider (strapi-provider-upload-local) stores the files on the host’s filesystem.