Implementing DB schema from MySQL Workbench in Strapi

Hey! :vulcan_salute: First, briefly about my task, and then a series of questions.

It will be an e-commerce b2b marketplace model with a complex service.
I need to implement the collection of data from different suppliers for end users in order to display products with services in the catalog.

It is required to develop soft as a service for vendors to manage their data. So that the end user and supplier have their own accounts with their own microservices inside.

I started this project and developed a database design in MySQL Workbench. It turned out a lot of tables and relationships between them. I now have my database schema.

I saw that I can connect Mysql DB to Strapi, but I got a question - can I implement my schema in Strapi from Mysql Workbench. I googled the answer and this is what I found: “Strapi is not schema-agnostic: you must adopt their database structure to use Strapi”

I am just recently starting to study technology, so the questions might be silly.

  1. Am I correct in understanding that when I connect a MySQL database to Strapi, the schema is not synchronized and will not appear in the Strapi admin panel? If yes, then need to create tables in admin panel and somehow link them to mysql? What needs to be done for this?

  2. I think I am mistaken in many places in the database schema, and I will often change it in MySQL Workbench. If Strapi doesn’t understand the schema, what does the process of making changes from the Workbench look like to Strapi? 😵‍💫

  3. I am not using Strapi yet, because I am choosing a CMS for this web app and I can’t figure out if it is suitable for my requirements for the implementation of a complex marketplace with two sides? What architectural constraints may I experience later that I do not yet see?

  4. The project will be on the Russian market. Tell me, will there be any obstacles with Strapi in Russian localization?

I’m just recently starting to learn technology, so the questions can be silly, Please, if possible, answer each question as simply as possible, like a child. :pray: