Import export entries plugin - only using default language


I am having trouble using the import export plugin. I have added content to my content-type “tags” into Strapi from multiple languages and that works fine I can see content in different languages.

When I try to do an export of the “tags” I get nothing, but if I make a internalization of one of the tags into the default language, it works fine for that single tags and its language versions.

Anyone have experience this and knows how to fix it so I can get every single entry without having to make an entry into the default language?

This seems to me like a spesific issue with the import export plugin i would say open a issue on GitHub - Baboo7/strapi-plugin-import-export-entries: Import/Export data from and to your database in just few clicks.

Maybe, I was just expecting it to be a setting somewhere that I was missing more than an issue.